The Best Gaming Peripherals To Invest In


People think of gaming as something that can be played on a dedicated machine and not on a PC. For the avid readers of Rated Gamer Gear comes a special list of controllers and peripherals that will help you push the limits of your gameplay. Sure, there was a time when PC games were all the rage, but in 2017, a majority of people prefer dedicated setups to handle their gaming, says an article on However, many PC games are not dead quite yet and often; these gaming enthusiasts build their own PC systems to really immerse themselves in the game, with upgrades to the RAM, monitors and graphics card is the most common.

Many of the items on this list are subject to personal experience. You will need to touch it, feel it and use it to know if it is for you really. Take the keyboard, for example. These days, keyboards range for dirt cheap to something that costs as much as a laptop. Gaming keyboards are built for long-term ergonomic use and come in a wide range of options. From mechanical to capacitive to the newer touch keyboards, there is something to suit everyone. Some people prefer smaller keyboards while others tend to go for larger ones with wider key spacing, mini displays and the whole nine yards. Think of the type of usage your keyboard undergoes on a daily basis and buy accordingly.

Like the keyboard, the humble mouse has evolved from a necessity to something on par with a console. Gaming mice are sometimes specifically designed for a certain genre of games and may have more than the normal number of buttons on it. For many games, the mouse is the most efficient way to move your character around, especially in FPS and MMOs. Consider the DPI speed, size, weight and shape of the mouse. Don’t forget to buy a mouse pad to reduce drag.

While the keyboard and mouse combo is generally the most efficient for strategic plays and role-playing, certain games are designed to be played with a gaming console. Newer games take on the console format because they are mainly designed for gaming systems like PSP and Xbox rather than a computer, which is only their secondary demographic. Gaming consoles can be wired, wireless or even gesture-based depending on the type of game you are playing. It is recommended to start with a more traditional wireless console that is light and well-built to get you into the hang of things.

Last but not least, invest in a good pair of headphones or speakers, depending on the type of game you are playing. Headphones with built-in microphones are great for MMOs and FPS to communicate seamlessly with other plays. Again, you have wired and wireless options along with features like noise cancellation and voice isolation for crystal clear sound on both ends. While there are more than a few peripherals that were not listed, this is enough for anyone to get started and fully enjoy the gaming experience.